Monday, December 5, 2011

No Time To Cry (Paperback)

No Time To Cry
No Time To Cry (Paperback)
By Rose Campion

Review & Description

Lost for fifty years, Moonshine Cove is now publishing for the first time deceased author Rose Campion's newly discovered manuscript. Written in 1957, it is an authentic period piece of romantic suspense from the era of tail fins and rock & roll. Set in small town America, high school senior and fiery flame redhead Susan Munroe collects boys who have money like the other dolls collect Elvis records, but has she met her match when the handsome Alex Lawson comes to town? Sue wants just two things from life, dough, lots of dough, and her very own Prince Charming. With Walt Stanlee wrapped around her little finger, the son of the richest man in town, she's on her way to getting the dough. In the midst of fending off Walt's pleas to get married until he comes up with more cash, she falls for the suave and debonaire Alex as hard as a load of bricks dropped from an eighty-story building. Running off with him to be married, this small-town mistress of the scam is soon left with nothing, including her virginity. Vowing to recoup her losses and to get even, she lands herself in a situation involving blackmail and murder. She is finally forced to decide whether Walt was her real Prince Charming all along. Read more

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