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The Conquest of Lida (Kindle Edition)

The Conquest of Lida
The Conquest of Lida (Kindle Edition)
By Jack Warren

Review & Description

Lida Munson, 24-year-old brownhaired socialite, gloried in leading men on, then saying "No." She said it once too often to virile ad executive Jack Barton. Her silver-blonde buxom mother Alma encouraged her in her rejection of men, herself being in the throes of a lesbian affair with divorcee Brenda Stalway.

But Brenda's castoff hubby Joe came back, gave Brenda her medicine, and made a real wife out of her. So that left Alma all alone. All alone, that is, till Jack Barton connived with Mark Denby, head of a Chicago welfare agency where Lida deigned to play Lady Bountiful to the poor and needy a couple of hours a day, to have Lida visit an abandoned house where, she'd been told, she was too interview a destitute family. For want of anything better to do, Alma went along, only to find that she and her daughter were to become captives of three virile black suds and a quadroon, Lulubelle, who just hated snooty white females.

Forced into deviant acts other after being thrashed into submission, Lida and her mother were about to service their captors when Mark and Jack "saved" them. But they learned the hard way that there was a price for this salvation, and in the end, they were to pay it!

Book mostly noted for its illustrations...

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